Conference Issue Policy

"SciWaveBulletin" is pleased to consider Conference Issues that compile selected and high-quality research papers presented at conferences aligned with the journal's scope. This policy outlines the guidelines for proposing and publishing Conference Issues in our journal.

  1. Proposal Submission: Authors interested in proposing a Conference Issue should submit a detailed proposal to the editorial team at The proposal should include:

1.1. Conference Details: Provide information about the conference, including its name, date, location, and theme.

1.2. Rationale: Clearly state the rationale for creating a Conference Issue in "SciWaveBulletin" and explain how it aligns with the journal's scope.

1.3. Guest Editor(s): Include the names, affiliations, and brief bios of the proposed guest editor(s). Guest editors should have expertise in the Conference Issue theme.

  1. Proposal Review:

2.1. Editorial Evaluation: The editorial team will review the proposal to assess its alignment with the journal's scope, potential impact, and feasibility.

2.2. Feedback and Approval: Authors will receive feedback on the proposal, and if approved, will work closely with the editorial team to proceed with the Conference Issue.

  1. Manuscript Submission:

3.1. Invitation to Contribute: Authors who presented papers at the conference and wish to contribute to the Conference Issue will receive a formal invitation.

3.2. Submission Deadline: Manuscripts for the Conference Issue must be submitted by the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be considered.

  1. Peer Review: Manuscripts submitted for the Conference Issue will undergo the standard peer review process to ensure quality and scholarly rigor.
  2. Conference Issue Publication: Accepted manuscripts will be compiled and published as part of the Conference Issue, which will be featured on the "SciWaveBulletin" website.
  3. Promotion and Visibility: "SciWaveBulletin" will actively promote the Conference Issue, recognizing the conference's importance and contributing to the dissemination of valuable research.
  4. Contact Information: For Conference Issue proposals or inquiries, please contact our editorial team at
  5. Policy Acknowledgment: Authors proposing a Conference Issue for "SciWaveBulletin" acknowledge that they have read and understood the Conference Issue Policy and agree to its terms.

By proposing a Conference Issue to "SciWaveBulletin," authors acknowledge and agree to follow the outlined Conference Issue policy.