Special Issue Policy

"SciWaveBulletin" welcomes proposals for Special Issues that focus on specific themes, topics, or emerging trends within the scope of the journal. Special Issues provide an opportunity to showcase cutting-edge research and perspectives in a dedicated collection.

  1. Proposal Submission: Authors interested in proposing a Special Issue should submit a detailed proposal to the editorial team at info@sciwavebulletin.com. The proposal should include:

1.1. Title and Rationale: Clearly state the proposed title and provide a brief rationale outlining the significance and relevance of the Special Issue.

1.2. Guest Editor(s): Include the names, affiliations, and brief bios of the proposed guest editor(s). Guest editors should have expertise in the Special Issue topic.

1.3. Scope and Objectives: Define the scope and objectives of the Special Issue, highlighting its unique contributions to the field.

1.4. Potential Contributors: Provide a list of potential contributors or invitees for the Special Issue. This list may be subject to change during the proposal review process.

  1. Proposal Review:

2.1. Editorial Evaluation: The editorial team will review the proposal to assess its alignment with the journal's scope, potential impact, and feasibility.

2.2. Feedback and Approval: Authors will receive feedback on the proposal and, if approved, will work closely with the editorial team to refine the Special Issue plan.

  1. Manuscript Submission:

3.1. Invitation to Contribute: Authors invited to contribute to the Special Issue will receive a formal invitation from the guest editor(s).

3.2. Submission Deadline: Manuscripts for the Special Issue must be submitted by the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be considered.

  1. Peer Review: Manuscripts submitted for the Special Issue will undergo the standard peer review process to ensure quality and scholarly rigor.
  2. Special Issue Publication: Accepted manuscripts will be published as part of the Special Issue, which will be prominently featured on the "SciWaveBulletin" website.
  3. Promotion and Visibility: "SciWaveBulletin" will actively promote the Special Issue through various channels to maximize its visibility and impact.
  4. Contact Information: For Special Issue proposals or inquiries, please contact our editorial team at info@sciwavebulletin.com.
  5. Policy Acknowledgment: Authors proposing a Special Issue for "SciWaveBulletin" acknowledge that they have read and understood the Special Issue Policy and agree to its terms.

By submitting a Special Issue proposal to "SciWaveBulletin," the authors acknowledge and agree to follow the outlined Special Issue policy.