Publication Ethics

  1. Editorial Responsibilities:
    • The editors of "SciWaveBulletin" are committed to maintaining the highest standards of editorial integrity.
    • Editorial decisions are based on the scientific significance, originality, and clarity of the research, without discrimination based on personal attributes.
    • We adhere to strict confidentiality regarding the content and identities of authors and reviewers.
  2. Authorship and Contributorship:
    • All authors are expected to have made substantial contributions to the research and should be listed as co-authors.
    • Honorary or guest authorship is discouraged, and the contributions of all authors are acknowledged.
    • Authors must agree to the final version of the manuscript before submission.
  3. Peer Review Process:
    • The peer review process is a vital part of maintaining research quality and integrity.
    • Reviewers are selected based on their expertise and impartiality.
    • Reviews should be confidential, and reviewers are expected to provide constructive, unbiased feedback.
  4. Plagiarism and Duplicate Publication:
    • Authors must avoid plagiarism and self-plagiarism.
    • All sources and related publications should be properly cited, and any duplicate submissions should be disclosed.
  5. Conflicts of Interest:
    • Authors, reviewers, and editors should disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence their decisions or the research's validity.
    • Conflicts of interest are managed appropriately to maintain objectivity.
  6. Ethical Research:
    • Research involving human subjects or animals should adhere to relevant ethical guidelines and regulations.
    • Authors are expected to obtain informed consent from participants and provide evidence of ethical approvals when necessary.
  7. Data Integrity and Image Manipulation:
    • Data should be presented accurately and honestly.
    • Image manipulation and fraudulent data are strictly prohibited.
    • Authors should retain data and make it available for verification upon request.
  8. Corrections and Retractions:
    • In cases of errors or misconduct identified after publication, "SciWaveBulletin" will issue corrections or retractions as necessary.
  9. Ownership and Copyright:
    • Ownership and copyright policies are transparent and clearly disclosed.
    • Authors should understand and agree to the journal's policies on copyright and licensing.
  10. Complaints and Appeals:
    • "SciWaveBulletin" has a process for handling complaints, appeals, and disputes, which is available to authors, reviewers, and readers.

These ethical publication guidelines are based on international standards set by organizations such as COPE and are integral to maintaining the credibility and integrity of "SciWaveBulletin." Authors, reviewers, and editors are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines in all aspects of the publication process.