Open Access Policy

"SciWaveBulletin" is an open-access journal, committed to ensuring that scientific research is accessible to a global audience at no cost. As part of our open-access policy, we outline the following key principles:

  1. Free Access: All content published in "SciWaveBulletin" is freely available to the public, without any subscription or access fees. We believe that open access promotes the dissemination of knowledge and fosters innovation.
  2. Copyright and Licensing:
  • Author Retains Copyright: Authors retain copyright to their work, granting "SciWaveBulletin" a non-exclusive license to publish, distribute, and archive their research.
  • Licensing: Unless otherwise specified, articles in "SciWaveBulletin" are published under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), which allows users to share, adapt, and build upon the material, provided proper attribution is given.
  1. Accessibility and Reuse:
  • We firmly believe that open access enhances the reach and impact of research, as it allows scholars, students, and the public to access and use scientific knowledge.
  • Open access facilitates research dissemination, education, and collaboration on a global scale.
  1. No Embargoes:
  • "SciWaveBulletin" does not impose any embargoes on published content. Articles become accessible immediately upon publication, ensuring that research findings can be shared and applied without delay.
  1. Funding and Sustainability:
  • To support the sustainability of open access publishing, "SciWaveBulletin" may rely on various funding models, including article processing charges (APCs) for accepted articles. However, authors can inquire about fee waivers, discounts, or institutional funding options, as specified on our [Specify Fees and Funding Page].
  1. Author Responsibility:
  • Authors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions and ensuring that the content they submit complies with copyright and licensing agreements.
  • Authors are encouraged to understand and adhere to the specific licensing terms of their articles, which are prominently displayed within the individual articles.
  1. Preservation and Archiving:
  • "SciWaveBulletin" is committed to preserving and archiving published content to ensure its long-term accessibility. Content is archived in digital repositories and archives to prevent loss or degradation.
  1. Global Impact:
  • "SciWaveBulletin" aims to contribute to the global dissemination of knowledge and research, ultimately fostering scientific progress and contributing to the betterment of society.

We believe that open access is essential for the advancement of scientific research and knowledge. By adhering to these open access principles, "SciWaveBulletin" strives to make valuable scientific discoveries and insights available to all, without barriers or restrictions.

For any questions or inquiries related to our open access policy, please contact our editorial team at