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About SciWaveBulletin: SciWaveBulletin is a leading journal dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge through high-quality, peer-reviewed research. Librarians play a crucial role in supporting the dissemination of scholarly content, and we appreciate your interest in SciWaveBulletin.

Key Features:

  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: SciWaveBulletin publishes research papers that embrace an interdisciplinary approach, providing a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge discoveries across various scientific disciplines.
  2. Open Access: As an open-access journal, all content published in SciWaveBulletin is freely accessible to readers worldwide. This commitment promotes global access to scientific knowledge.
  3. Scope: Our journal covers a wide range of scientific fields, ensuring that your library can offer diverse and impactful research to your patrons.
  4. Publication Frequency: SciWaveBulletin publishes four issues per year, featuring peer-reviewed articles that contribute to the latest developments in scientific research.
  5. Online Tools and Resources: Beyond journal publications, SciWaveBulletin offers various online tools and resources to support educational and research activities.

Librarian Resources:

  1. Subscription Information: Learn more about our subscription options, including annual fees, discounts, and access to regular, special, and conference issues.
  2. Online Access: Explore the process for providing online access to SciWaveBulletin within your library network. Librarians play a crucial role in ensuring seamless access for patrons.
  3. Promotional Materials: Access promotional materials and resources that can help you communicate the availability of SciWaveBulletin to your library users.

Collaboration Opportunities:

  1. Institutional Subscriptions: SciWaveBulletin welcomes collaborations with libraries for institutional subscriptions. Explore the benefits and options for providing access to your academic community.
  2. Special Collections: Librarians can work with SciWaveBulletin to create special collections or thematic displays based on specific scientific themes or areas of interest.

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For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or more information for librarians, please contact our team at


We encourage research librarians to list this journal among their library's electronic journal holdings. As well, it may be worth noting that this journal's open source publishing system is suitable for libraries to host for their faculty members to use with journals they are involved in editing (see Open Journal Systems).

Thank you for considering SciWaveBulletin as a valuable resource for your library, contributing to the dissemination of scientific knowledge within your academic community.