Withdrawal Policy

  1. Author's Responsibility: Authors submitting manuscripts to "SciWaveBulletin" are expected to adhere to ethical standards and follow the guidelines outlined in our submission policies. Once a manuscript is submitted, it is assumed that authors have committed to the publication process.
  2. Request for Withdrawal: If, for any reason, an author wishes to withdraw a submitted manuscript from consideration, they must send a formal request to the editorial team at info@sciwavebulletin.com as soon as possible.
  3. Grounds for Withdrawal:

3.1. Author-Requested Withdrawal:

  • Manuscripts can be withdrawn at the request of the submitting author, provided the request is made before the initiation of the peer review process.

3.2. Multiple Submissions:

  • Manuscripts submitted to "SciWaveBulletin" should not be under consideration by any other publication. Authors must confirm that their manuscript is not simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
  1. Withdrawal Process:

4.1. Formal Request: Authors must send a formal withdrawal request to the editorial team, specifying the reason for withdrawal.

4.2. Editorial Review: The editorial team will review the withdrawal request and assess its validity.

4.3. Notification: Authors will be notified of the withdrawal decision.

  1. Post-Review Withdrawal:

5.1. Peer Review Initiated: If the manuscript has already undergone the peer review process, withdrawal requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

5.2. Decision Consideration: The decision to allow withdrawal post-review will depend on factors such as the stage of the review process and potential impact on reviewers' efforts.

  1. Consequences of Withdrawal:

6.1. Re-Submission: Authors may be permitted to resubmit a revised version of the manuscript in the future.

6.2. Multiple Withdrawals: Frequent or repeated withdrawals without valid reasons may result in restrictions on future submissions.

  1. Contact Information: For withdrawal requests or inquiries, please contact our editorial team at info@sciwavebulletin.com.
  2. Policy Acknowledgment: Authors submitting manuscripts to "SciWaveBulletin" acknowledge that they have read and understood the Withdrawal Policy and agree to its terms.

By submitting a manuscript to "SciWaveBulletin," authors acknowledge and agree to follow the outlined withdrawal policy.