Quantum Field Theory: Advanced Calculations in Nonperturbative Regimes


  • Giruba M Assistant Professor and Physics, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed college for women, India Author
  • Mohammed Saleh Al Ansari Associate Professor, College of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bahrain Author




Quantum Field Theory, Nonperturbative, Functional Renormalization Group, Mass Generation, Critical Phenomena, Numerical Methods


A number of sophisticated mathematical techniques, including the Functional Renormalization Group and Operator Product Expansion, are used in this research work in order to investigate the nonperturbative characteristics of quantum field theories. A comprehensive investigation of the scale-dependent effective action is carried out in this work. Emergent mass scales, critical phenomena, and confinement are all taken into consideration. A full knowledge of nonperturbative dynamics may be obtained via the use of numerical and analytical results, while the investigation of complicated quantum field theories can be optimized by partnerships between theory and computing. The discoveries provide a substantial contribution to the development of theoretical physics, hence opening up new options for future study and growth across several disciplines.




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Giruba M, & Mohammed Saleh Al Ansari. (2023). Quantum Field Theory: Advanced Calculations in Nonperturbative Regimes. SciWaveBulletin, 1(4), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.61925/SWB.2023.1401