Revolutionizing Cancer Therapy using Nanobots at the Frontier of Precision Medicine


  • M Giruba Assistant Professor of Physics, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women, Tamil Nadu, India Author
  • Nimmi O S Assistant Professor, Biotechnology, Nehru Arts and Science College Coimbatore, India Author
  • Asiya Anas Senior Lecturer / Environmental health, Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic Katsina, Katsina State, Nigeria Author



Nanobots, Cancer, Drug, Cells, Tumor, Drug Delivery Systems, Colorectal Cancer


New cancer treatment trials are necessary due to the various severe side effects of chemotherapy and the non-specific distribution of drugs. Scientists have been endeavouring to enhance anti-cancer therapy by employing various drug delivery systems (DDS) to more accurately target tumour cells. Due to progress in the field of nanotechnology, medical therapy has significantly expanded, including the utilization of DNA nanobots to identify various forms of cancer cells. Nanobots, which are minuscule robots engineered to function at the cellular level, possess significant potential for transforming cancer treatment. These are little devices, specifically developed to locate and eradicate cancer cells with accuracy, while leaving unaffected healthy tissues. The current design of the nanobots enables them to identify and distinguish 12 distinct types of cancer cells. The purpose of this review paper is to emphasize the significance, functionality, and utilization of nanobots.




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M Giruba, Nimmi O S, & Asiya Anas. (2023). Revolutionizing Cancer Therapy using Nanobots at the Frontier of Precision Medicine. SciWaveBulletin, 1(4), 38-42.