Quantifying Knowledge of Metrics and Measures in Modern Library Science


  • Elvis Uchenna Ubochi Lecturer/Academic librarian, Alvan ikoku Federal University of education Owerri, Nigeria Author
  • Emmanuel Omini Library and Information Science, TCTI, Biase, Nigeria Author




Library Science, Digital Technologies, Information Literacy, User Satisfaction, Data Analytics, Technology Integration, Academic Libraries


The content of this study attempts to get the role of measurement within contemporary library science and will deliver a comprehensive analysis on how performance and services are affected to the maximum in our country´s library systems. The research includes all manner of libraries, including universities, public libraries, special libraries, etc., and makes use of both quantitative and qualitative research methods for the purposes. The chief subject of study will include the historical development of library science; how the metrics currently employed have been interpreted; as well as the problems and opportunities that accompany present efforts to appraise the impact of library services. This research includes cases of successful metrics-driven change which analyze the impact of information literacy initiatives and evaluates the effect of outreach programs. This research project also treats the future of library science through the discovery. These results speak to the fluid character of digital-age library services, while suggesting that innovative techniques seam to be a necessity for adaptation and even growth of any durability in the new environment.




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Elvis Uchenna Ubochi, & Emmanuel Omini. (2023). Quantifying Knowledge of Metrics and Measures in Modern Library Science. SciWaveBulletin, 1(4), 48-53. https://doi.org/10.61925/SWB.2023.1408